Technical Information

We want to work WITH Dentists not just FOR them, and we love information.

Technicians do not have the opportunity of working directly with the patient, and therefore rely on the specification and details provided by the dentist. The more information given to the technician the more likely the result will meet or exceed the patients and dentists expectations.

However many prescriptions lack important details such as the patients age, sex and personality. Length of anteriors, position of insisal edge, anterior guidance, long axis alignment and direction of the labial anatomy including lip line are all key details unique to each patient and necessary for the technician to achieve the best possible results. Pre-op photos are a very useful tool, and often necessary in complicated cases and with today's technology its even easier for clients to send images of patient cases to us. Many Dentists send us pictures quick and simply via the iphone4. These exceptionally sharp and vivid pictures are forwarded to the Technician's own iphone4, who can easily consult the image during production of the restoration.

It is not only the prescription that needs to be a full and detailed as possible. It is crucial the impression itself is totally accurate. Many single unit restorations, and often bridges too, are presented as quadrant impressions. Although quadrant impressions may entail less cost in terms of impression material, they do not allow the technician to recreate the full function of the patients jaw. Under filled trays and lower grade impression materials are also major concerns for technicians.

Separate full arch impressions for both lower and upper jaws and wax squashes/foam bites are advisable for all restorations and absolutely vital for Implants, Bridges and cases with hard/tight bites.

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