For optimum results for larger/private restorations we can provide a full service that includes patient consultations and wax ups. Communicating with the Dentist and Patient throughout the duration of the treatment means we can create the best possible smile for that particular individual.

Shade Consultations

We encourage Shade Consultations at the lab, and they often prove vital for complicated shade combination cases. The 'one to one' with our head ceramist not only serves the purpose of obtaining the correct shade, but also often instils confidence in the patient. Furthermore in cases of unusual occlusion for example, it provides key information for the technicians overall understanding of the case.

Using the Dr's Eye Ring and Wing camera light, we capture the true shade and anatomy of the mouth for reference when constructing the restorations.

Diagnostic Wax Ups

We provide Pre op Study Models and Diagnostic Wax Up Models, which are an important tool for the patients understanding of their restorations prior to treatment. The unrivalled communication that the Diagnostic Wax up provides often increases the cases acceptance.

An important additional role of the Diagnostic Wax Up is that from it we can produce a clear stent that can be used as a prep guide for the dentist, which will in turn enable the technician to be able to produce restorations with the same dimensions as that of the wax up. The dentist would also use the stent to fabricate temporaries in the interim phase.

Anatomical Articulation

It is beneficial in many cases for us to articulate full upper and lower models on the Girrbach Artex CT semi adjustable Articulator. If there has been no opportunity to see the patient for a consultation then as an alternative this gives the technician a greater chance of creating the most accurate restorations possible through an understanding of jaw movement and occlusion. The finished work is returned on the articulator, so the Dentist and Patient are able to view how the restorations will appear in the mouth.

Standards of work

The Dental Lab provides a choice of three standards of restorations.
Basic natural appearance created up to three units, to the correct shade and morphology.
Allows time to create a greater level of natural appearance when aesthetics are an important factor.
This work is wholly undertaken by Neil and Gary to our highest specification. GC initial porcelain is used for the build up, with porcelain shoulders labially if preparations allow. With full use of opaque, opacious dentines, dentines, enamels and occlusal staining and effects, we replicate and enhance the appearance of the restoration in line with the natural teeth.

For all standards of work we fit the restorations down on a 2nd master model.
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